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Spring Greens Bibimbap

Hey, happy hump day! I'd like to be more excited about posting today, but today is phlebotomy day. Which means... some student is going to be sticking a needle in a non-existent vein in my anemic arm and sucking out a vial of my blood. Even a trained phlebotomists take a couple of tries and still leave a massive bruise. I'm just scared out of my mind, that all I will have left by the end of today is a stump where my arm is. Haha kidding... but so help me if someone does that "wriggling" motion to find the vein... [insert knife emoji]

Sorry... I didn't plan on talking about blood so early in my post, but that's all that is on my mind :P What I DO want to talk about is SPRING GREENS. Vegetables just taste so robust and vibrant, their flavors so bold and bright! So, I'm highlighting them today in a Korean bibimbap, which is a dish composed of mixed rice, greens and a hot spicy sauce (bibim = mix, bap = rice). Some bibimbaps are cold or hot, some served in stone pots, some entirely composed of vegetables or with meat and raw seafood. I grew up eating bibimbaps almost every week when it was refrigerator clean out days. We would get a bowl of hot rice, throw in just about anything from the fridge and mix it up with fried gochujang (Chili paste).

I promise that this recipe has a bit more finesse than my childhood kitchen sink bibimbaps. There are dandelion greens, spinach, radish, pea shoots and all things spring! And the secret is ALL IN THE SAUCE. Because this is somewhat of a cold/warm bibimbap, the bibim sauce is not what you will find in a typical bibimbap that people are used to in the US. But, it is very popular in Korea and especially my hometown (Busan), where we eat a lot of seafood bibimbaps. The sauce is zesty, tangy and slighty sweet and just makes this bibimbap work. You can even use it like a salad dressing!

serves 4

Bibim sauce
1/4 small apple, grated
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp sugar or agave
1 tsp minced garlic
2 heaping tbsp Korean chili pepper paste (gochujang)

1 bunch dandelion greens (of red and green stemmed kinds)
handful of pea shoots
handful of alfalfa sprouts
5-6 radishes
1/2 carrot
1 bunch wild spinach
3-4 bowls of cooked short grain rice (white or brown)
4 fried eggs, sunny-side up
sesame oil
sesame seeds

  1. Coarsely grate apple in a small sauce bowl. Squeeze in lemon juice, add vinegar, sugar, garlic and gochujang. Mix thoroughly, wrap and let the flavors come together in the fridge (best made day before)
  2. Wash and cut dandelion greens into bite sized pieces. Julienne radishes and carrot
  3. For the wild spinach, blanch in boiling water for 1 min. Rinse with cold water and squeeze out as much liquid as you can. Loosen and marinate with a little sesame oil, sesame seeds and salt to taste
  4. In a large bowl, place desired amount of just cooked hot piping rice and top with a sunny side up egg. Arrange all the veggies around the yolk
  5. Drizzle a little bit of sesame oil, dollop a few generous tablespoons of the bibim sauce, and garnish with sesame seeds. Mix and enjoy!


  1. Ouch! That sounds painful! Now you really need this bibimbap to end the day. It is such a light and healthy dish. The tangy bibim sauce sounds very interesting! Would love to try this.

  2. thank you! It is really healthy and so perfect for the warmer weather. Do try the sauce!

  3. It's really not that difficult! and Yes, so healthy! Especially if you swap the white rice for whole grains. You can add in almost any vegetables (I enjoy sautéed zucchini it it too)

  4. This gorgeous rice dish is so inspiring. I LOVE all of the colors. Those pea shoots are truly delicious looking. Thank you for this! :)

  5. Hi from the other side of the world! I rarely (read: almost never) comment on blog posts, but yours definitely deserves some <3 ! Totally adore your page and recipes. Keep up the inspiring work, Mabel! :)

    - Chan, from Singapore

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