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Mammo S'mores

I'm almost done with internal med!  I just wanted to do a quick post because I don't really have much time, but I had to post this for October. As you know October is breast cancer awareness month and since I've been learning and meeting so many patients who are survivors during my radiation oncology elective, I really wanted to make something that kind of represented my time there. This was also my final project for my elective course... 
Who would have thought med school would actually have me bake and make metaphors out of patient care. So cool!
I'm so thankful for all the patients I met on my rotation. Sometimes it was difficult seeing what they had to go through, but sometimes it was so exhilarating to talk to the most positive patients I have ever met. These ladies were true survivors. I really don't do any justice by writing so little about my experience, but I will elaborate on it later. For the mean time... please enjoy the mammograms. (Also, if you are 40+, please consider getting one if you haven't already :P)
Mammo S'mores
makes 30 assembled s'mores
adapted from kitchenfrau

Booby Marshmallows
1 cup water (divided)
2 packages gelatin (about 4.5 tsps)
2 cups white sugar
1.5 tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp salt
red food coloring
powdered sugar
corn starch
  1. Prepare a 9x13" pan by lightly greasing with butter and powdered sugar. Tap out excess powdered sugar from pan.
  2. Stir 1/2 cup of water with gelatin and allow to bloom (it should be like a clump of jelly fish :/)
  3. Meanwhile heat sugar and the other 1/2 cup of water in a small pot until dissolved. Add the gelatin into the pot and bring to boil while stirring. Once bubbling, take off heat, add salt and stir (make sure sides are scraped down as well). Cool to room temp
  4. Once cool, add vanilla and pour into a stand mixer (the cooled mix will look translucent and yellowy). Beat on high for 6 mins, the coagulated stuff will magically turn white and fluffy! Stop and add red food coloring until you see a pink tinge (like a tiny squeeze from the tube) and beat for 2-3 mins more
  5. Dump into prepared pan. I mean dump, because the mixture will be sticky and difficult to handle. Smooth out layer as even as you can. Let cool and dry overnight
  6. Cut into desired shape: I cut it into squares and then cut out the curved "boobs" part with a stiff curvy piece of plastic. Always wipe your knife or plastic when slicing so it doesn't stick too badly. Toss marshmallows into powdered sugar or corn starch (or a mix of both). Allow to dry on a rack for a few hours
Graham crackers
Recipe here!
- I used nutella as my (chocolate layer), but a ganache dark chocolate layer would put this over the top!
- For the 'nips', I mixed a little bit of powdered sugar with red food coloring and water. Then I dotted them with a chopstick.


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